DC-80 De-Chlorination Analyzer ECDI - Máy phân tích Chlorination ECDI - ECDI vietnam

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DeChlorination Analyzer – Model DC80

DeChlorination Analyzer: The ECD DC80 DeChlorination Analyzer is a panel mounted, ready to use DeChlorination Analyzer. It is designed to monitor very low levels of Total Chlorine water to measure that chlorine has been removed within an allowable level before discharging or releasing water into the environment. The DC80 DeChloinration Analyzer has all of the advantages of ECD’s TC80 Total Chlorine Analyzer and uses a “zero shift” strategy to make the measurement. Since the total chlorine amperometric needs some amount of chlorine for a stable reading, the ECD DC80 pump supplies a constant 3 to 5 ppm of total chlorine and the DC80 DeChlorination Analyzer “zeros” out this offset to measure the difference of the water to be measured compared to the total chlorine supplied. This results in a very stable, very low level Total Chlorine measurement to verify that total chlorine has been removed. The DC80 DeChlorination Analyzer features a plug and play design that incorporates a flow control device, a total chlorine sensor, pH sensor, and the T80 transmitter that are conveniently mounted on a PVC panel. Connect the sample and drain lines, connect the power and outputs and it is ready to use.

Key Features include:

1. No Reagents Required: the CD80 DeChlorination Analyzer sensor technology is a reagentless design and keeps the cost of ownership low without having expensive reagents only inexpensive 3 to 5 ppm chlorine solution.

2. Automatic Flow Control and Large Flow Tubes and Cells: greatly reduces clogs and blockages of the analyzer which is a common problem in other total chlorine analyzers and allows for easy cleaning.

3. Panel Mounted System Plumb and Play Design: the Chlorine Dioxide Analyzer comes complete and is easy to install and ready to use.

4. DC80 DeChlorination Analyzer Capability: (2) 4 to 20 mA outputs, MODBUS and/or HART communication, (3) Alarm Relays, 24 VDC or 110/220 AC Power.

5. Auto Cleaning Option: The DC80 DeChlorination Analyzer can be ordered with an auto cleaning option to keep the chlorine sensor clean from contaminates for an extended period of time.

DC-80 De-Chlorination Analyzer ECDI - Máy phân tích Chlorination ECDI - ECDI vietnam

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